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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Know How to Ride

Yes. Many of our destination locations can be "technical riding" to include sweeping curves, sharp turns, traffic, and more. 

Do I Need a Motorcycle License

Nope, but you do need a Drivers License and must be over 18 or older. 

Non-licensed drivers and those younger than 18, can still rent a 49cc scooter. These work for a day ride, but just don't have the speed for an effective self-guided multi-day tour.

Can Two (2) People Share a Scooter

Technically yes, a rider can pillion a passenger. If you two plan on switching off driving and passengering, both of you must have proper documentation (drivers license), experience, and a signed contract.

If going this route, consider the type of scooter you rent; will it have foot pegs, back rest, seat space, needed power, etc. A Vespa is iconic, but two people on a 125cc (no footpads) could get long over a multi-day trip. Good news is there are lots of scooter options. 

Do I Have to Wear a Helmet

Yes! Unless noted, helmets will be provided with your rental package.

Consider taking your own with you; we suggest carrying it as carry-on/cabin luggage, versus checking it unless you pack it very well. So that could be a Con: you have to travel/carry it. The Pros though: you know you like the fit and your comm system is already set-up. 

What are your terms and conditions?

Good question. We require a 10% deposit at the time of booking. Don't worry, there will be plenty of conversation before booking to work out details on what you want, lodging type, number of people, scooter type, etc. Then the remainder of the balance is due 6-weeks prior to the starting trip date. 

Do you assist with Booking Flights

No. We are not a travel agency. We are a group of scooterists assisting other scooterists to save time and energy on trip preparation. We can research transportation options between City/Airport X and where you want to be for a small hourly fee.

Are Group Bookings Available

You bet! What's better than riding some fantastic roads with a group of riders you know and enjoy? Is your scooter club anniversary coming up? Want a special event? 

Does LSVT offer the same service in the USA?

Sadly, not at this time. As an American rider, you know motorscooters are not truly understood here. While you can find motorcycles to rent; scooters for hire are rare indeed. The few rentals you'll find are 49cc or less so no license/endorsement needed, but not great for a multi-day trip. There just isn't enough demand for rental scooters in the USA....or that's the perception by bike rental vendors. 

If you supply your own scooter, we can assist with routes, lodging, etc.   

So what is the Cost? 

You've probably noticed, we do not have stated prices on the website. Since we are not running cookie-cutter tours, we cannot offer cookie-cutter pricing. Your trip cost will depend on number of days, lodging accommodation (i.e. extra fancy vs more economical), type of scooter (i.e. Vespa 125 vs BMW 400), and how much optional research you want us to do for you. 

LSTV offers trips from a basic day tour with guide for a couple, up to large groups who want GPS route cuts, lodging, sight tours, and more. Our most common request is a 3-5 day self-guided tour. This includes scooter hire, confirmed lodging, and itinerary of routing, background information on sights, information on potential parking, etc. Unless specifically stated as being included meals/snacks, souvenirs, road tolls, and other extras are NOT included any pricing provided. 

So as you can see, we can't effectively list prices. Still, don't be put off. We are scooterists, and can make a trip fit your budget. Just complete the Contact Us form and we'll be in touch. 

What size bikes are available?

We have access to scoots from a 49cc, 125cc, up to more than 250cc and we can get you motorcycles as well. Just be aware, we are not a teach-you-to-ride company; select your engine size based on your ability. We will find you great routes to fit your bike.